1. Acid Drop- Slow or standing jump or drop from one flat surface to a much lower flat surface

2. Acid Soul- Front foot in royale, back in soul. Similar to a soul but place the forward skate on its outside edge.

3. Air- To jump or launch into the air; to leave the skating surface.

4. Alley-oop- 1. To turn into a trick in the opposite direction of that which you are carving. 2. Most often an 180-degree revolution. On vert the most common form of alley-oop is to carve in the unnatural direction while spinning natural.

5. Alley-oop soul- An alley-oop rotaton into a backwards soul grind.

6. Andrecht- Invert in which the boot is grabbed behind the back by the same hand.

7. Ass wipe- When re-entering the ramp in the forward direction, both toes tap the deck, then both heels tap the deck.

8. Back Flip- To rotate body head over heels, 360 degrees backwards (wait till end of run!)

9. Backside- A grind done with your back to the rail or curb.

10. Backslide- Forward foot and leg raised and grabbed with the back foot in royale position, sliding sideways.

11. Bio- A flat spin in which the body is parallel to the ground.

12. Blindside- Anytime when rotating to a rail, you lose sight of the rail.

13. Brainless- A backwards flip with a half spin.

14. Cab- One full revolution begun and completed while traveling, and facing backwards.

15. Camel Toe- To hit both toes on the deck of the ramp while in the air.

16. Cess Slide- To slide on a flat surface sideways with both feet in royale position. Known down under as a shuffle.

17. Christ Air- To air with arms spread like Jesus on the cross.

18. Contortoise- Similar to a gumby, but keeping the un-grabbed leg straight. Grab the inside foot.

19. Coping Stall- To stop up on the coping.

20. Corkscrew- Inverted bio 540.

21. Cross Rocket- A rocket air in which legs are crossed straight, with one hand grabbing the bottom foot.

22. Custart Chucker- Handless miller flip.

23. Disaster- To air and, just before entering the ramp, land on the coping and spin into the ramp. On street, launch to a grind.

24. Drop-in- Standing entry into a ramp.

25. Eggplant- One-handed invert performed with the opposite arm than normal.

26. Fakie- To travel backwards.

27. Fahrvergnugen- A frontside or backside style grind where, on the front foot, both the frame and the outside of the boot are grinding. Can also be described as a reverse royale.

28. Farside Grind- To jump over--and almost past--a grind, then lock on the outside, or farside of the rail.

29. Fastback- The name for a backside backslide that Phil Riley uses.

30. Fishbrain- A top-side makio.

31. Five Forty- One and a half revolutions. (360+180).

32. Forty Ounce- A crouched heeltoe 360 while shuffling your feet. Dreadlocks optional. See Hardline.

33. Front Flip- Just what it says-- rotating the body forward a full 360 degrees.

34. Frontside- While carving airs on a half-pipe, at the apex, to be facing directly up. A grind done facing the rail on curb.

35. Gumby- An air facing straight up with back arched and knees bent; grab one leg behind the back with same-side hand.

36. Gumby Slide- Doing a gumby with the free leg grinding along the coping in topside soul position.

37. Half-Cab- A 180 initiated while traveling backwards. One half of a full revolution while traveling backwards. (named after some skate boarder)

38. Hip-Hop- Hopping from invert to invert as your body travels sideways.

39. Ho Ho- Two-handed invert or hand stand on the coping.

40. Inside-out Grab- Grab the outside of the foot by reaching in between the legs then out and under leg. Ask Phil Riely.

41. Intelligence Air- Simialr to a Liu Kang air, except upper body is twisted and looking down.

42. Invert- Hand plant with one hand on coping, before re-entering the ramp.

43. Invert to Fakie- Same as invert, but land fakie.

44. Japan- Air with both legs bent off the same side while reaching around and underneath the top leg to grab the top of the bottom foot.

45. Judo- To bend one leg, bring that foot in and up towards the body, and then grab it with the opposite hand.

46. Kind Grind- An Alley-oop topside mizou.

47. Late- 1. Finishing a trick after the usual or expected time. 2. To pause in midair and then start again. 3. Adding a rotation to the end of a trick but at the last second before landing. 4. All of the above.

48. Look-Back- To air, then grab stale judo while facing away from your extended foot.

49. Liu Kang Grab- Air while grabbing the outside of the boot with the same arm and leg; the opposing leg is kept straight, and the torso slightly bent.

50. Makio Grind- One foot is locked in soul position, the other foot is grabbed.

51. McFlip- Front flip with a 180 degree twist.

52. McTwist- An inverted 540 performed in the halfpipe.

53. McUgly- A fakie 540 handplant.

54. Melvin- To hit both heels simultaneously on the coping while facing skyward.

55. Method- An air in which both legs are bent behind the body and a foot is grabbed.

56. Miller Flip- Back flip with a hand plant on coping halfway through.

57. Misty Flip- Snowboard trick similar to a corkscrew, only less of a spin and more of a flip.

58. Mizou Grind- Type of grind stance where front foot is in soul position and trailing foot is backside.

59. Mute- A type of grab in which the hand travels outside the same knee, across the shins, and to the opposing skate.

60. Nine Hundred- A spin with two and a half roatations.

61. Nosepick- After doing a 180, tap one toe onto the coping.

62. One Eighty- Half a revolution.

63. Opposite- See switch or unnatural.

64. Ore-Ida- Alley-oop 720.

65. Parallel Grab- Opposite arm and foot reach across body and over both knees. Much like a mute but arm is over both knees.

66. Phillips 66- Full cab invert. Half cab to invert to half cab out.

67. Pop Tart- Cab to invert.

68. Porn Star- Alley-oop trick withforward foot royale, back foot soul.

69. Power Invert- Two handed air to invert disaster.

70. Rasta Pasta- A grabbed air walk(grab one foot while doing splits in the air).

71. Revert- To rotate into a trick, do the trick, then continue rotating in the same direction.

72. Rewind- To rotate out of a trick in a direction opposite that which you rotated into.

73. Rocket- An air in which the legs are straight and one arm is reached across the body to grab the opposite foot. Feet should be above the head.

74. Roll Around- To roll out onto a deck and roll back in without stopping.

75. Royale- Frontside grind where the back foot is angled so that the ouside edge of both the frame and the boot grind.

76. Sad Plant- invert while grabbing judo.

77. Seth Slide- To slide on a flat surface sideways with feet in royale position.

78. Seven Twenty- To spin two full revolutions(360+360).

79. Shifty- Your torso rotates one way, your legs rotate the other.

80. Slash Stance- Feet spaced very far apart. Named after guitarist Slash.

81. Soul Grind- Using the outside bottom of the boot to grind while having the front foot in frontside position.

82. Soyale- Cross between a soul and a roayle. Alley oop soul with the trailing foot in royale position.

83. Stair Ride- To ride down stairs.

84. Stale- Grabbing the back of your opposite skate by reaching around behind your legs.

85. Stale Japan- Air with both legs bent off the same side while reaching around to the same side while reaching around and underneath the top leg to grab back of the bottom foot.

86. Stance- Position body is in, usually on a grind.

87. Statue- To be absolutely still when executing a grind.

88. Stub Grind- Much like a soul grind, but the forward foot is on the inside soul.

89. Suicide- Similar to a gumby, only use both hands to grab both skates. Also called a Flying Dutchman.

90. Two Seventy- Three quarters of a revolution(180+90).

91. Taipan- Same as Japan, only grabbing the opposite foot.

92. Ten Eighty- Three Big Mac combos. Three 360's. Very hard.

93. Three Sixty- One full rotation.

94. Topside- Same as a farside soul, only done on ramp coping or the top of a planter(a 90 degree angle).

95. Transfer- To move from one surface or object to another.

96. Unity- A front-side grind done with your legs crossed and feet rolled over simialr to a royale.

97. Variation- To change from trick to trick or stance to stance.

98. Wall Ride- To roll along the face of a wall.

99. X-Grind- A trick so nerdy, it was named after Christofe Gaynor. It's a double soul.

100. Zero Spin- A fakie to fakie launch.

Skating Terms from 60 Tricks.